Discipline and Delight?

Last night I caught my seven-year-old son trying to sneak a nutella snack pack AND a package of fruit snacks into his room right before bed.  His ingenious plan? Hiding the treats in his socks.  His SOCKS! He might have actually succeeded if it hadn’t been for the distinct sound of plastic packaging crunching against his little ankles.

I have to admit that as I shook my head and confiscated the “stolen merchandise,” I had to hide a smile.  I wasn’t thrilled with the sneaky behavior (there WILL be consequences) but I was slightly amused with his creativity.  Continue reading

God Sees You

Have you ever wondered if God really sees you or cares about your circumstances?

There’s a beautiful story found in the gospel of Mark about a woman who suffered with an unfortunate medical condition. The condition caused her to bleed continually and she lived with this burden for twelve long years.  During this time, she spent all the money that she had visiting multiple doctors and undergoing numerous medical treatments.  However, instead of finding relief, her condition got worse.  Continue reading

Hope Anchors My Soul

When I was a little girl I loved to go fishing with my older brother and my dad. Mom would pack a cooler of snacks, and send us on our way. Once at the lake, my Dad would make sure we had our life jackets strapped on tight and we would set off through the water, on the hunt for the perfect spot to catch loads of fish.

When we found an appealing location, we would cast out our lines and patiently sit and watch our neon bobbers go up and down in the water. I remember on more than one occasion, silently pleading with God to let me catch a sunny or perch… anything besides the dreaded weeds that often tangled my line. The funny part is I hated to eat fish, but they were sure fun to catch! Continue reading

Empty No More

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything.  Truth be told, I just haven’t had the time or energy or desire to write.  My eight month old daughter isn’t a great sleeper, which means lately I haven’t been either.  My middle son is an early riser.  I am NOT a morning person.  Between volunteering obligations, juggling my oldest son’s school and extra-curricular schedule, battling what has felt like a never-ending round of colds, and just muddling through the mundane every-day tasks of keeping a house and family together, there hasn’t been room for much of anything except the necessities. Continue reading