I love my kids, but sometimes I hate being a mom

It’s six o’ clock in the morning and my boys are awake.  They “sneak” into my bedroom and try to crawl into bed with me.  I sleepily protest and send them back to their room.  I can hear them jumping off their beds and wrestling each other to the floor as I doze back to sleep for a few minutes, only to be forced out of bed by the hungry cries of my five month old daughter.

I try to rub the sleep out of my eyes as my daughter persistently nurses.  It had been another “cat-nap” night as I drowsily attended to a son’s nightmare induced sobs, followed soon after by a late night feeding for baby.  Continue reading


Potty Talk

I got into my first real car accident this week, and unfortunately, it was definitely my fault.  It happened on my routine drive to drop my oldest son off at preschool.  Preschool mornings are always stressful at my house, and this particular morning was shaping up to be something special.    Continue reading

How Jillian Michaels Pointed Me Towards God

Sweat poured off my body as I strained to finish my last 30 second rep of plank jacks.  My muscles were burning from all the previous strength exercises:  walking push-ups, static lunges, arm curls, to name a few.  I had one minute of abs to complete and my twenty minutes of progress and pain would be over.  A two-minute cool-down and a much-needed shower would complete my workout routine…  Continue reading

Ode To My Astro Mini-Van

I drive a 1998 Chevy Astro Mini Van.  It has well-worn gray cloth upholstery, bench seats that are heavy and awkward to move, a tape deck (yes, that’s right, a tape deck), and one sliding door that rattles and squeaks.  There are no power doors or remote power locks, which means I actually have to walk up to my vehicle and insert a key into the door to unlock it.   The driver side power window rolls down without a problem, but doesn’t always come back up on the first, or second, or third attempt.  Oh, and did I mention that it is rear wheel drive? Continue reading