Christy Engelhart is a Pastor and a Christian Speaker with over 19 years of ministry experience working with children, youth and adults.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Bethel University and a Master of Christian Education from Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, MN.

Current Speaking Topics

Curbing The Compulsion To Compare

The temptation to compare ourselves to others is pervasive. From parenting to personal image, and everything in between, our culture seems to breed competitiveness.  This talk provides three simple principles that will help us recognize the problem, and then curb that pesky compulsion to compare!

Connecting With God In The Chaos Of Motherhood

Life with kids is chaotic to say the least.  Finding time and space to connect with God can sometimes feel next to impossible.  This talk not only addresses some of the obstacles we face, but also provides practical solutions to help moms make time for an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Don’t Block The Blessing

Do you ever have moments in your Christian life when you feel disconnected and frustrated in your relationship with God?  Maybe it seems as if God isn’t answering your prayers, or you wonder if he even hears them at all.  Sometimes in those moments we can feel like there is a spiritual blockage of sorts.  In this talk we will not only explore the Abundant life that Jesus offer us, but we will also learn how to deal with things that might be hindering us from walking in the fullness of his blessings.

Fostering Fantastic Friendships

Have you ever heard the phrase: life is better together?!  It’s so true! Friends can really help make the good times better and the hard times a little easier to swallow.  This talk focuses on four characteristics of Fantastic Friendships and encourages women to truly be the kind of friend that they want to have.

Joy In The Journey

There are many things that may spark joy in our heart, but what is the ultimate source or cause of delight in your life?  This talk unpacks the true source of Joy and provides three practical ways to regularly experience it in our everyday lives. * This talk can be adapted for a Christmas emphasis

The Apple Tree and The Vine: A Unique Look at John 15  * This can be a stand-alone presentation, but has also been extended into a six-week study

God spoke to Moses through a burning bush. He used a talking donkey to get Balaam’s attention.   Believe it or not, I also had a supernatural encounter with the Lord in my  own backyard of all places! Who knew a tiny, seemingly barren apple tree and an aggressive wild vine could reveal so much about the heart of God and the plans He has for me and you?!

The Power Of A Surrendered Heart 

Following the life of King David, this talk reminds us that God’s perspective is often much different than our own.  God doesn’t look at the things that people do Rather, he examines our heart and sees our potential.  Furthermore, God loves to use seemingly insignificant and ordinary people to do incredibly profound and extraordinary things.  It was true for David and it’s still true for us today!


“Christy has a joyful and clear presentation style. A personal style that easily holds the audience’s attention and sends them on their way feeling renewed and challenged. I have always known Christy to deliver a biblical message that aims right where my life is lived, practical and real!”  Pastor Fred Tuma, Oak Haven Church

“Christy did a fabulous job at our weekend women’s retreat. She fit right in and made an effort to get to know all the ladies personally. She is a gifted speaker, easy to relate to, has a passion for people, and most importantly loves Jesus and speaks His truth.”  Heather Vedders, Cornerstone Church of Blaine

“Christy’s straight-forward, balanced, and engaging biblical approach made her a great speaker for our setting. Our students loved her stories and on-stage illustrations. Students called her approach “relatable”, “down to earth”, and “easy to follow”. Our Youth leaders appreciated her organization. Leaders commented that the small group discussion questions she provided allowed them to engage their students in spiritual discussion. Her willingness to stay “on script” allowed us to align our full weekend program to increase our kingdom impact. I highly recommend her. We will be inviting her back for future speaking opportunities.”  Tait Hoglund, Program Director at Trout Lake Camps

To book Christy for an upcoming event please visit her contact page.

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