The Daughter I Havent Met, Yet

It had been an emotional weekend. Newly pregnant with baby number three, crazy hormones, a poor decision on my part that led to the pain of a dear friend, and now the long drive home.  My girls’ weekend up north was a blur of fun, festivities and mixed feelings and I was ready for it to be over.

The abdominal cramping started about half an hour into the trip home. My first thought was that I was experiencing indigestion from the ridiculously rich and creamy lunch I had indulged in. But as we continued down the road, sweat formed on my brow, nausea set in, my muscles continued to contract with more and more intensity, and I realized this was much more than a stomach ache. Continue reading

Overcoming Fear Through Faith

School is in full swing and a new chapter has begun in the Engelhart story. My oldest son started all day, every-day Kindergarten a couple of weeks ago.  His little brother, who is three, started preschool last week.  And I try not to do a happy dance every time I wave goodbye.  I can usually contain the impulse, until they are out of view!

It’s not that I don’t love my children. I really and truly do with all of my heart!  But this mama can use a reprieve from the chaos that seems to be my every-day existence.  And for two days a week, for three solid hours, it’s just me and my one year-old daughter.  It’s amazing how peaceful life can feel for a change. Continue reading

Boys Will Be Boys!

On any given day of the week, my sons are running around the house battling invisible dragons, having epic sword fights, and apprehending pretend bad guys with their toy guns blazing.  Yes, I actually let my boys play with plastic guns and run with sticks.  So far, no one has lost an eye or been impaled.

On a rare (or not so rare) occasion one, or both, of my little rug-rats will get smacked on the hand or the arm with whatever they are currently using as a weapon.  This usually results in a bout of tears, angry words exchanged, and time-outs administered.  Then, before I can blink, they are up and at it again, laughing and giggling and back to vanquishing their imaginary enemies once again. Continue reading