Hey there!  My name is Christy Engelhart and I would love to have you join me on my journey of personal growth, parenting, and practical Christianity.

Here are a few things you may want to know about me.  First of all, I happen to be married to the greatest guy on earth. No really, it’s true!  Not only is he an amazing dad, doting husband, and a fabulous friend, but he’s also pretty stinking cute!

We have the awesome and humbling privilege of raising three crazy wonderful kids who keep us on our toes AND on our knees in prayer!

family pic 2017

I was a Middle School Youth Pastor for eight years and loved every minute of it!  My current full time job is trying to keep my house in order and my children alive!  Ministry is still something that I am extremely passionate about and I am blessed to work part-time in my local church and also enjoy speaking at Churches, moms groups and other ministry events whenever the opportunity arises.

In case you were wondering… yes, I am a natural red-head.  Which means, I am apparently on the brink of extinction. Unfortunately, I do poses the fabled hot temper that is often attributed to “my kind.” Despite my fair complexion and propensity to burn, I ADORE summer and soaking up the sun. Some day, when we are debt free, I would like to travel more… preferably to places with warmer climates than Minnesota.

Finally, the most important thing to know about me is that I am a devoted follower of Jesus Christ.  He saved my life and he can save yours too. My hope is that this blog will bring encouragement and inspiration to others.  I look forward to sharing more about myself, my faith journey, and the lessons I’m learning on a daily basis.  Come back and visit soon!

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Christy, you did a great job on your about page! The photos look wonderful, and you told it like a story, not just a list of facts. Great job on your layout too! Its always nice to see people sharing their faith amid so much religion-bashing online. Thanks! –The TJ Blog

  2. I absolutely love your “about me” page. It feels warm and inspiring and have given me some ideas as I approach this assignment. Peace and Blessing to you and your beautiful family.

  3. Hi Christy,

    Fun to look around you blog and enjoy your writing! LOVED your story about Dumpster Diving…because our Peter is exactly the same. We found him hiding in the laundry room closet recently with an empty Mountain Dew can….we still have no idea how he opened it! We’re expecting baby #3 in a week or two….we’ll have 3 under 4 years, so pray for our sanity! Hope you are all well….maybe this summer we should get our families together?!?! Blessings friend!

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