Love Plunge

What’s in a name?  The inspiration for the title of my blog, Love Plunge, came from an old DC Talk song: “Dive.” This was from their album Supernatural, and it was the first Christian CD that I ever purchased after giving my heart to Jesus.

I was seventeen years old when I took my own love plunge into the Almighty’s arms. Prior to this, I was a headstrong teenager with a bad habit of having to learn everything the hard way. I had been dabbling in a lifestyle that I knew wasn’t healthy for me, and was eating me up with guilt. I had convinced myself that I was “just having fun” and being a “normal teenager.”  But in my heart I knew better. Deep down, I knew life had more to offer than the cheap thrills I was settling for.

So when I heard the gentle whisper of my Savior say: “You’re forgiven and free and LOVED,” I knew I had to take the plunge. I had to dive into this amazing grace that was being offered and not look back. It was scary and exhilarating all at the same time.

This Divine romance has not always been easy. No good love affair is!  It has definitely had its ups and downs!  There have been moments of intense intimacy, seeming indifference, passion mixed with uncertainty, and even doubt. But through it all, it has been the best and most life transforming decision that I have ever made.

My hope is that as people read this blog, they will be encouraged to take their own love plunge into the open arms of Jesus.

I took a dive
I took a love plunge into Your arms
I took a dive
I took a love plunge into Your arms
I took a dive
I jumped in with all my heart
I took a dive

(Chorus from “Dive”)

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